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What does it mean to be good at designing? Usually, it has been expressed as beautifully expressing the appearance of things, designing user-centered UI. However, outstanding design scholars around the world say that the idea of designing user-centered designs is outdated. If you look at the history of design so far, rather, the design created by the intuition of corporate officials has led to innovation. This was the case with Apple, and so was the case with Dyson, the Apple of the United Kingdom. …

Source: Pixabay

Only innovative companies can succeed, and for startups with poor physical resources, innovation achievement is even more a barometer of success. Typically, the primary element of innovation will be placed on creativity and the implementation of creativity will be viewed as an idea. However, most people who were in charge of start-up coaching or investment screening are advised to boldly discard the formula ‘Start-up Success = Idea’. What’s more important is that “unusual execution of ideas” is more of the answer to success. Completing the innovation means execution.

Of course, ideas and implementation are never seen as confrontational. It’s probably…

Minha Kim

CEO of Seattle-based startup GleeNet. Six years since she changed her direction from a university professor to a start-up career. Advocate of Humanistic IT.

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